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Wood Dale, IL Winter Flowers

Wood Dale, IL Winter Flowers from ❄ Lofendo's Flowers, where nature's wintertime wonders come alive. As dedicated flower designers and event planners, we celebrate the season's allure through exquisite floral arrangements perfect for every occasion. Our flower delivery ensures these seasonal blooms reach you promptly, spreading the warmth and joy of winter. Step into our gift shop adorned with captivating displays that reflect the artistry of our flower designers. Our gift basket selection offers unique creations, blending winter flowers with thoughtful gifts, ideal for spreading seasonal cheer. Beyond personal celebrations, we extend our expertise as a corporate gift supplier, crafting sophisticated arrangements that convey gratitude and sophistication to business relationships. Whether you seek the perfect bouquet or a tailored floral design, our florist embraces the magic of Winter Flowers, turning moments into cherished memories. ❄ Lofendo's Flowers Lofendo's Flowers 647 N Central Ave 60191 (630) 675-1400